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The Stork OTC: A Natural Way to Get Pregnant

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes getting pregnant on your own is not easy. Many factors may play a role. There is now a new FDA cleared product on the market that can assist you in getting pregnant, before you turn to other complicated methods to become pregnant.

The Stork OTC Home Conception Device does not include, shots, scans, prescriptions or procedures. This device is made to be used at home. No doctors offices!

Many women do not want to turn to injections and prescriptions. They want to become pregnant naturally whether that be receiving acupuncture, regular chiropractic care, changing diet, or taking natural supplements. The Stork OTC is now another natural option available in your toolbox.

How does it work? Here is a great breakdown of exactly how it works!

The Stork OTC uses cervical cap insemination which has been shown to have up to a 20% success rate. It’s very easy to use and you can do it right in the privacy of your own home. Currently it retails for $79.99 and can be found in Walgreens, CVS, and Target along with buying it online. This is a much cheaper option to IUI and gets 3 times higher sperm concentration at the cervix compared with natural intercourse plus it has worked for many couples. Just take a look at the success stories from their site!

Interested in trying Stork OTC? There are two great promotions going on NOW!

  1. Buy 1 Stork OTC, Get 1 Stork OTC 50% at Target from August 6 – August 19.
  2. 25% off Stork OTC Single Device at the Stork OTC Online Store through the end of August. Not sure where to buy? Search here.

Do not miss an upcoming Twitter party on August 17 at 8 p.m. EST! Make sure you participate using hashtag #TTCwithStorkOTC.


Farm Baby Foods – Fresh & Local!

Amelia has sampled some awesome baby food from Farm Baby Foods. She loved it and I loved it because it was so easy to get it delivered to our doorstep.


After Julie Burroughs, owner of Farm Baby Foods, had her twin girls, she quickly learned that providing fresh and tasty baby food was not very easy. She learned she needed bigger equipment and her commitment to providing fresh, healthy baby food for her girls grew into Farm Baby Foods.

Farm Baby Foods provides Stage-1, Stage – 2, and pouches of baby food. Only all-natural, seasonal, organic produce and ingredients are used to make tasty combinations of baby food.  Julie and the staff of Farm Baby Foods believe that every process of making their baby food is important. They make all the food in their licensed, commercial kitchen. They are Green Restaurant Association endorsed products, freezer safe, and all the food containers are BPA free.

If you have not been won over yet, the ordering and delivery WILL win you over!

  • Go to Farmbabyfoods.com and select “Store”
  • Select which baby food you would like to purchase. Amelia has tried the Apple/Pear and Squash/Carrot/Nutmeg. She has enjoyed both!
  • Select your delivery preferences (YES, it IS delivered to YOU!)
  • Select “Add to cart”
  • When you are finished adding food to your cart, click the cart symbol at the top of the page, and checkout.

That is it! Pretty simple, huh? If you have any questions at all, Julie provides you with a phone number you can call or an e-mail address. She is AWESOME at answering questions and making sure you are happy.

Some other things to know and remember:

  • On all foods, EVERY ingredient is listed
  • You must have a $20 minimum purchase, which is VERY easy to hit
  • You can store the baby food in your freezer for up to 6 months
  • Do not store the baby food in your refrigerator for more than 72 hours of production date
  • What is offered changes often due to what is in season and available

Of course, we are doing an great giveaway, to give you a chance to try Farm Baby Foods for yourself. Make sure you follow all 3 steps to be entered in to win a $50 certificate!!! That’s a lot of baby food!

I will announce a winner on Sunday, April 26th on my Facebook Page!



MommyCon Minneapolis 2015

I am so happy to be an official MommyCon Blogger of 2015!

I attended MommyCon in Chicago last year, while I was pregnant and had a lot of fun. This year, I will be attending MommyCon Minneapolis with Amelia in tow 🙂

For the next several weeks I will be doing a lot of blogging and talking about MommyCon. I will be offering FREE tickets and I will also be offering a discount code so you can receive $5 off your tickets!

Some of you may be wondering, what is MommyCon? So, let’s start with the basic information and get you as excited as I am!

What is MommyCon?

MommyCon is a natural parenting style, influenced convention. The event is full of speakers, workshops, shopping and much more! It is a great event to attend whether you are about to become a parent or are already a parent, there is something for you. You can learn about cloth diapering, babywearing (even try on some awesome carriers), breastfeeding, bottle feeding, etc. There are so many different resources available to see and ask questions.

When is MommyCon Minneapolis?

It is Saturday, April 18th 9 am – 5 pm and will be located at the Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $35, but if you use the code MIDWESTMOM15  you will receive $5 off!

Can dads attend?

Of course! Last year, there were several dads that attended the event. They can learn just as much as you!

Can I bring my baby and do they need a ticket?

Yes! Bring your kiddos! Children who are 16 years or younger are FREE with their parent.

Can I bring a stroller to the event?

You are allowed to bring a stroller, but due to the high volume of traffic and attendees, it is recommended to wear your baby.

What if I need to feed my baby?

MommyCon is okay with however way you need to feed your baby and wherever you want to feed your baby. They do offer a special lounge area for just women also.

Are there special hotel accommodations?

There is a block of hotel rooms at the Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington. The rate is $99 per night and you must book by March 18th.


As we get closer to the event I will be talking about LOTS of things to see and do, talking more about the speakers, and more. Of course, if you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate asking! You can post here or e-mail me!

I am looking forward to sharing this with you and I hope you ALL attend!