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Farm Baby Foods – Fresh & Local!

Amelia has sampled some awesome baby food from Farm Baby Foods. She loved it and I loved it because it was so easy to get it delivered to our doorstep.


After Julie Burroughs, owner of Farm Baby Foods, had her twin girls, she quickly learned that providing fresh and tasty baby food was not very easy. She learned she needed bigger equipment and her commitment to providing fresh, healthy baby food for her girls grew into Farm Baby Foods.

Farm Baby Foods provides Stage-1, Stage – 2, and pouches of baby food. Only all-natural, seasonal, organic produce and ingredients are used to make tasty combinations of baby food.  Julie and the staff of Farm Baby Foods believe that every process of making their baby food is important. They make all the food in their licensed, commercial kitchen. They are Green Restaurant Association endorsed products, freezer safe, and all the food containers are BPA free.

If you have not been won over yet, the ordering and delivery WILL win you over!

  • Go to Farmbabyfoods.com and select “Store”
  • Select which baby food you would like to purchase. Amelia has tried the Apple/Pear and Squash/Carrot/Nutmeg. She has enjoyed both!
  • Select your delivery preferences (YES, it IS delivered to YOU!)
  • Select “Add to cart”
  • When you are finished adding food to your cart, click the cart symbol at the top of the page, and checkout.

That is it! Pretty simple, huh? If you have any questions at all, Julie provides you with a phone number you can call or an e-mail address. She is AWESOME at answering questions and making sure you are happy.

Some other things to know and remember:

  • On all foods, EVERY ingredient is listed
  • You must have a $20 minimum purchase, which is VERY easy to hit
  • You can store the baby food in your freezer for up to 6 months
  • Do not store the baby food in your refrigerator for more than 72 hours of production date
  • What is offered changes often due to what is in season and available

Of course, we are doing an great giveaway, to give you a chance to try Farm Baby Foods for yourself. Make sure you follow all 3 steps to be entered in to win a $50 certificate!!! That’s a lot of baby food!

I will announce a winner on Sunday, April 26th on my Facebook Page!



Hy-Vee Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

If you live in the Des Moines area you may have noticed all of the SUPER Hy-Vee’s popping up!

The first one opened in Urbandale (I personally shop at this one!) Now there is one located in Ankeny and Waukee!

A few things I like about the Super Hy-Vee  are …

1. Bulk Section 

Each Super Hy-Vee has a bulk section. You can find nuts, dry fruit, oatmeal, flours, quinoa, trail mixes, organic, non-organic items and much more. You can also get honey, grind your own peanut butter and almond butter! The nice thing about shopping bulk is it’s more economical. Personally, I do not have much space in my kitchen to store large bags of flour, boxes of rice, nuts, oatmeal, etc. I enjoy purchasing EXACTLY what I need for a recipe or what I will be using that week. It also saves me a lot more money that way. If it is something that I use over and over again I will buy it in larger quantities. I love to place whatever I have leftover, into mason jars and place in our cabinet. I think it looks so much more neater 🙂

2. Meat and Seafood Counter

There are a lot of pre-made items available. When I know we have a busy week coming up I love buying an already marinated salmon or a stuffed chicken breast. All I have to do is throw it in the oven, bake it, and add some veggies! Every once in awhile they will also have GREAT meat bundle packages for awesome prices and you receive fuel saver money for it also. This past summer, I would always stock up on their brats when they had their 10/$10.00 deal with 10 cents off on fuel saver! We would use them that week or I would just throw them in the freezer for when we had any family get together’s like my birthday party 🙂

3. Organic and Health Food Department

I LOVE walking through the Organic and Health Food Department! I always find something new and wonderful to try. They have Kind Bars, Almond Milk (I buy the Hy-Vee brand, way cheaper then anywhere else), Kombucha, sweet potato chips, Monte’s favorite cheese ravioli’s, and so much more. If you shop in this department on Wednesdays, you can receive a 10% discount. This helps tremendously, when you try to shop mostly organic.

4. Produce Section 

Their produce section is not my ALL time favorite, but they do offer some great deals on their produce. I also like their Hy-Vee grillables, which are various chopped up vegetables in a tin tray. You can place them on the grill or saute them and a lot of times they offer fuel saver on these too!

5. Fuel Saver

The main reason why I always shop at Hy-Vee is the Fuel Saver program. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of items they offer for Fuel Saver.

Each week, I look through the Hy-Vee add and circle any item that we may be interested in that has Fuel Saver on it. If it is an item we use frequently, I may stock up on it so I earn even more Fuel Saver, such as batteries or toilet paper. Considering Travis drives 45 minutes EACH WAY to work, almost every day, getting as much off of gas is VERY helpful with our monthly budget.

I would love to hear from YOU about your thoughts and favorite things you enjoy about Hy-Vee! I am offering a FREE $25.00 gift card to YOU!

There are a few rules though …

1. You must comment on one post. Please comment anything you would like! I am looking for feedback, so I can provide more of what YOU want to read 🙂

2. Subscribe! The 15th subscriber who subscribes AND comments will win the $25.00 gift card.

3. You have 1 week to do all of the above!

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