The Postpartum Plan Workbook

Expecting a child and thinking beyond the day you go into labor, is hard. You are busy designing the nursery, buying all the stuff, and creating your birth plan.

Being a new parent or having a newborn with children running around is exhausting and tough work.

I know. I have been there.

Your emotions are all over the place, you are uncomfortable because you have spent 9-months growing a baby in your body and then one day, you are not.

I have written and designed The Postpartum Plan Workbook for all mamas in mind. I have taken my past experiences, things I wish I would have done, things I wish I would have NOT done and created this book for you.

If you have not started thinking about your postpartum period. This workbook is for you.

Maybe you have thought about certain scenarios during your postpartum period, but have put them off for the moment. This workbook is for you.

The Postpartum Plan is a great way to slowly introduce you to ideas, scenarios, and topics that may come up for you during your postpartum period.

When you are finished going through this workbook, you will have a clear idea of what you NEED to do and what you already have taken care of.

  • Do you have meals prepared? Meal train set-up?
  • Who is going to help you so you can nap, shower and eat?
  • When will you spend one-on-one time with a newly big brother or sister?

Answer these questions and many more when you purchase The Postpartum Plan Workbook.

Purchase here.