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Essential Oils for Colds

Since we have talked about Elderberry Syrup and other alternatives to using over the counter medicines, let’s talk about another thing I LOVE … Essential Oils!

Essential oils can be used for anything and everything, like cleaning and also to help us feel better.

There are quite a few of essential oils out there to help with cold like symptoms. Here are a few of our favorites we use at home!

1. Peace & Calming 

This is an oil that can be used for more then just sickness, but is a great support when you or your little one is not feeling well! This essential oil is a blend of several oils and promotes relaxation and peacefullness. It’s perfect for a young child who may have trouble sleeping. This blend is only available through Young Living Essential Oils.

It can be used as a topical or aromatic (in a diffuser) use. I have used this oil for both uses and I love the scent! I most commonly rub this oil on the bottoms of Monte’s feet. It can also be applied onto the wrists and outside of ears.

2. R.C. 

This oil is a blend of several essential oils that help support the respiratory system. It’s a great oil to have on hand to help with congestion and seasonal allergies. Hence, R.C. = Respiratory Congestion! This blend is only available through Young Living Essential Oils.

It can be used as a topical or aromatic (in a diffuser) use. I have used this oil several times for Monte. I first apply coconut oil then place a few drops into the palm of my hand and apply it to his chest, back, and bottoms of his feet.

3. Eucalyptus 

One of my favorites! I purchased a rub called Tea Tree Therapy Eucalyptus Chest Rub, at Whole Foods which has Eucalyptus oil in it. It is similar to the well known Vapo Rub, but it’s a bit safer.

It can be used as a topical or aromatic (in a diffuser) use. I generally diffuse this oil, because I apply the rub that has Eucalyptus oil in it, to Monte’s chest and back. You can make your own rub, at home, by mixing coconut oil and a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in a glass container.

4. Thieves

Oh how I love Thieves! So many uses!! This essential oil is known for its cleansing properties. Remember all of the things I use it in to clean the house? Well, I use it to fight away colds and flus! Thieves is a blend of several essential oils. This blend is also only available through Young Living Essential Oils.

You can take this orally, by placing a few drops into a capsule to promote immune function. You can also diffuse this oil to help eliminate germs in the air. The smell of this oil is wonderful! So, diffusing is my choice!

What essential oils do you most commonly use to fight off colds and flu symptoms?

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Cold and flu season is just around the corner or in some places has already  hit!

I hate being sick (I know I am not the only one), but I also hate seeing Monte sick. Having sick kids is no fun! It’s especially hard when they cannot really communicate what the problem is, but you just know there is an issue.

I am not a fan of the flu shot, which I will not get into details and a debate about, but I do not find the flu shot worth it.

I believe to stay healthy we need to do more natural things like live a healthy lifestyle! Yes, I know it’s hard this time of year. We start off with Halloween, loads of candy. Then comes Thanksgiving where we fill our bellies so full we cannot move. Then comes the Holiday season with baked goods, candy, sugar, more sugar and more baked goods! Of course, it’s also cold, dark and dreary outside. No one wants to get up and move and we all want comfort food.

We need to remember that what we eat fuels our body, so having these not so healthy items every once in awhile is okay, but we need to make sure we eat plenty of fruits, veggies, good fats, proteins, etc. We also need to get up and MOVE! If we exercise we will just feel better and it will allow us to make healthier choices.

I saw this picture posted on Facebook and it pretty much sums it up! LOVE IT!

Anyways, where I was going with this post is Elderberry Syrup! Have you ever heard of it?! I had not heard of it until recently and I am super excited about it!

This is something you can take as prevention from getting a cold or flu. It’s also something to have on hand when you are sick.

There are recipes all over Pinterest. I chose to follow this recipe. Here is what I did …

  • Place 1/2 cup elderberries, 3 cups distilled water, 1 cinnamon sticks, and 1/2 Tablespoons in pot and bring to boil.
  • Once boiling, turn down heat and let simmer 20-30 minutes
  • Take off burner and let cool
  • Strain through cheesecloth and discard the berries and cinnamon stick
  • Add 1 cup – 1 1/2 cup raw local honey. Stir.
  • Store in mason jar, in refrigerator

This can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Take 1 Tablespoon a day as preventative. If you feel like you are getting sick or achy, take several times through out the day.

Along with taking Elderberry syrup I also …

1. Take Emergen – C Vitamin C packets! I will take about every 4 hours

2. Remember my post about the essential oil Thieves? Well, here is another awesome use for Thieves! If you have a sore throat, take a spoonful of raw local honey, add a drop of Thieves, and swallow! You can also rub Thieves on your throat. Make sure to use a carrier such as coconut oil.

3. Hot water with raw local honey also helps soothe a sore throat!


What are your favorite remedies to fight off cold and flu symptoms?