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Top 4 Baby Must Haves

I thought I would share some of my favorite baby products, I’ve discovered since Miss Amelia has came along. Some of these I had heard of when Monte was a bit older, but decided to purchase now, because we were in NEED!

1. Rock ‘N Play 

When Monte was an infant he slept in a bassinet that was on wheels. I loved that thing. We have hardwood floors, so all I had to do was roll it around with me room to room. When prepping for Amelia I knew I was going to use it again, so I washed it all up and had it ready. Well … Amelia had different plans. She was not a fan. She did not like to be completely flat. We needed something that would fit in our room and she would sleep in. My good friend introduced me to the Rock ‘N Play and we absolutely love it! We use it every day and night! She sleeps in it, hangs out and plays in it. It’s also very easy to fold up and carry with. Whenever we are going to the grandparents house, we fold it up and throw it in the car.

2. Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

I love this! Not only during the cold season, but all year round! I bought this when Monte first got congested, a few months ago. I could tell a HUGE difference in 24 hours of how he felt. Our house tends to be dry also and it also helps with this too. I also love all the fun characters and colors you can purchase! We chose the owl because we have a lot of owls around the house, including Monte’s owl themed room. The humidifier, humidifies up to 250 square feet, has a shutoff safety sensor, and no filter is required. I highly recommend this if you are dealing with dry coughs, congestion, dry skin, etc.

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3. NoseFrida

The snotsucker. Yes, snotsucker. It’s amazing. Sounds gross, but amazing. I highly recommend this instead of the sucky bulb thing, that barely works. What you do is stick the blue end into the baby and/or toddler’s nose. Don’t stick it UP the nose, just so there is a bit suction at the tip. Take the red end and suck! Don’t worry, no snot goes into your mouth! I was a bit weary of it at first, but after my first try and seeing how well it worked, I was hooked!

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4. Wooden Teething Rings from ApplnAmos

I came across Applenamos on Etsy (one of my obsessions) while Christmas shopping. I love absolutely everything in their shop. They specialize in eco-friendly wooden toys and Waldorf and Montessori philosophies. I purchased a personalized wooden teething ring for Amelia and also a Wooden Fly Me Hand Kite. She absolutely loves both 🙂 They have so many different items from baby to toddler. If you are looking for something unique and creative, this is the place to shop. I also love that you can message them and just about anything can be personalized to your wants and needs!

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What are some of your baby must haves?