Baby and Me Yoga

Baby  and Me Yoga is a great way to move and connect with your babies. Babies love to observe their parents and learn by watching you. The stretches and movements within this class will help target common areas of stress for the new mom such as neck, shoulders and back. We will learn special movements and poses for baby that may help with digestion and improve sleep.

Baby and Me Yoga, New Mom, Yoga, Des Moines

New to yoga? No problem! This class is very laid back and no experience is necessary. This is not your classic yoga class. Moms are encouraged to feed their baby or walk around the room with their baby if necessary. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get out, meet other moms and get in some movement.

This class is perfect for newborns to crawlers. New moms can join us as early as 2 weeks postpartum. If you have questions about this class, feel free to contact me.

I will be offering a 6-week series at Uplift Fitness Studio. $60 for 6 week series or $12 drop-in class. The first series begins Wednesday, March 7 and will be 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. Sign-up for the entire series today!