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Routines & Schedules

I’m a girl of routine, schedules and organization! If I do not have a routine, my life is haywire! It is good to stray away from schedules and routines from time to time. At the beginning of July, Travis, my dad and I took a much needed vacation to Chicago and Milwaukee. It was a lot of fun!

Cubs Trip 2013

When we returned, we just could not get back into the groove of things. Many things came up including work schedules, life events, etc. I am a person if I do not have a routine of eating, exercising, going to bed at a decent time and so on, I am not very pleasant to be around and feel like crap 24/7 (ask the hubby and mi padre).

BUT, it is now August 1st and I am determined to get back into a routine! Including blogging 🙂

One thing Travis and I invested in to help with our “routine” was a Keurig!

We LOVE how easy and quick it is to make coffee in the morning. For awhile, I was getting into the habit of going to Starbucks, Dunkn Donuts or Smokey Row for my coffee because it was easy and tasted better then any coffee that I could make. When I did that, I ended up buying myself a scone (what is a coffee shop coffee without a bakery item?) The calories started adding up and it was putting a dent in our budget. Now, the Keurig tastes just like any cup of coffee, I would pick up elsewhere. We also don’t HAVE to buy the k-cups (which are nice) we can use any ground coffee with the machine, because we have the my K-Cup. Overall, I give this product a BIG thumbs up!

Mr. Monte has surely felt the effects of not being on a set routine! He got used to staying up late, doing whatever, whenever and not eating the best. Now that we are trying to get back into that routine we are also dealing with more teeth popping up! My poor little guy was miserable yesterday. He barely ate anything and was fussy!

After some coaxing, I put frozen (thawed a bit) Chobani blueberry yogurt on a frozen teething ring. Not only did he realize “oh this is yummy” but he also realized that the frozen teething ring felt good on his mouth!

What are some of your tricks and tips with kiddos teething?