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National Trail Mix Day

I should have posted yesterday, but I was a little busy with some Nebraska Football (I will share details in a bit) …. Yesterday was National Trail Mix Day!

Earlier this week, while grocery shopping, I purchased some yummy, satisfying, toddler friendly goodies to create a trail mix that Monte could NOT resist! Monte may be 19 months old, but he is a 19 month old with ONLY 8 teeth! So, when feeding him things I’m still a little weary on giving him granola, nuts, etc. Common things you would find in trail mix.

I came across these Gerber Graduate Yogurt Melts. Perfect!

I also included …

  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Colored Marshmallows
  • Assortment of different Goldfish flavors (whole wheat, S’mores, and regular)

Yes, I know this is not the healthiest trail mix, but a good afternoon snack. I did not measure anything out, just added a little of each one until it filled up my container. Then I did a bit of shaking to get it all mixed up!

I love this storage container, because I can just pour a small amount in Monte’s snack cup and the rest will stay nice and fresh.

Saturday was kick off to college football and I spent the day in Lincoln, Nebraska! I absolutely LOVE Lincoln on game day. It is the best place to be to cheer on the Huskers! My friends and I had a blast and the good ‘ol Husker pulled off a win!

The sea of red!!!!!

Luckily, it’s Labor Day weekend and most of us get an extra day to relax. I really missed Monte this weekend, so I am excited to spend the day with him and Travis tomorrow.

What are your Labor Day plans?

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