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Advent Wreath

When I was little, I remember creating an Advent Wreath in my religious education classes. This is Monte’s second Christmas and it’s important that we celebrate the meaning of Christmas. We all (and I will admit I fall into this EVERY year) get caught up in the buying gifts, decorating, parties, etc.

I created an Advent Wreath from some supplies I gathered at the local Michael’s store.

This year, we will begin an evening tradition of lighting the candles around our Advent Wreath and saying a prayer. I know Monte will not understand what’s going on, but starting this tradition now, will hopefully instill the meaning of Christmas for many Christmas’s to come!

I also purchased this FANTASTIC book!

It’s called the Advent Book by Jack and Kathy Stockman.

I am so excited for this book, because the pages are board pages and have little doors that open up! I am hoping this will grab Monte’s attention while we are reading and praying around our Advent Wreath.

After I created our Advent Wreath I went to our local Catholic store, Divine Treasures to purchase our three purple candles and one pink candle. They also had a free brochure that had samples of reading and prayers to say each Sunday when we light the Advent Wreath. The nice thing with this tradition, is you can do it every night of Advent or every Sunday. You can create it however you like and works best for your family.

What traditions do you do with your little ones to remind them the meaning of Christmas?