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Erica Ziel, a mother of three (ages 8, 6, and 3) is the creator behind Core Athletica® Inc. and Knocked Up Fitness®, having over 10 years experience training a variety of clients. She is an expert pre/postnatal coach and trainer teaching women more than they ever thought they could learn about strengthening their deep core muscles and how that can relate to an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Erica currently serves on the board for Fit Pregnancy Magazine, has been featured in and contributed to The New York Times, PT on The Net, Livestrong.com, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, American Baby, Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, People.com, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Pilates Style Magazine, and many more! Most recently Erica launched her Pre/Postnatal Instructor Training Courses to reach more women by teaching other trainers her unique and successful methods for training women throughout and beyond pregnancy.

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